Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Detox Foot Pads Helped This Boy With Autism

My absolutely favorite thing in life is to wake up in the morning to an AMAZING testimonial of my detox foot pads. I want to share these pictures with you and the testimonial of this wonderful, but exhausted and stressed out mama. 

Her 6 year old son (M.D.) is autistic, and she wrote to me:
To me and my son, "sleeping through the night" is waking 3-4 times a night, mostly with night terrors. Wearing these foot pads, he was out cold and didn't even move! I feel so refreshed!
 Everyone sure needs a good night's sleep, and especially these mom's who have been given the gift of a child with special needs. She also wrote:
OMG SUCCESS!!!! M.D. slept through the night and didn't wake up at all! These foot detox pads are awesome!!!! I have to help him detox multiple ways quite frequently, but this helped so much in just 1 night. Seriously a win for a tired autism mom like me. He awoke chipper & ready to go. Honestly they are amazing & I NEED to get more! Can't contain my excitement!
She said the foot pads smelled like metal the next morning. I know my detox foot pads pull out heavy metals and do so many other amazing things, but this was just an amazing tribute to a great product.

Thanks so much for sharing this testimonial, and we wish you and your son many more nights of delicious sleep!

The foot pads work so well for children, and I do get people emailing me how well their children sleep while using the foot pads. Some folks even find benefits using only one foot pad per night (they open a pack and use one on each of their children) and then rotate the areas and feet to use.... it helps them sleep and also seems to control any hyperactivity and helps them to stay focused. 

(UPDATE: To read about this same boy using the foot pads for a whole month, click here)

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