Saturday, September 13, 2014

Testimonial from an MS sufferer with Celiac's Disease

Testimonial from a customer -- awesome and thank you!

My detox foot pads came yesterday and I could have cried I was so happy this morning!

I had my husband use them. He has MS and also Celiac's disease. He was skeptical, but agreed to do it. He took them off in the morning, and commented on how GROSS they were. And then went on his way- I didn't dare ask if they helped him at that time.

So, after he showered and was getting ready for work, I just asked if he felt like he had any more energy this morning- his response- "No, but I could pick my feet up on my own to get in the shower today- that hasn't happened in years and I haven't had my medicine or used oils yet today- so strange."

I asked if he thought it was the foot pads and he said it had to be because he hasn't done anything different and yesterday was a really stressful day at work, plus he did a ton to help me when he got home, and he'd gotten up with me and the baby every feeding during the night because of how tired I have been. He should have been dead beat today!

Normally to get in the shower he has to hold onto the wall with one hand then pick his legs up one at a time with the other arm to get them over the side of the tub. He didn't have to this morning- his legs picked up high enough on their own! Incredible!!! So he took his meds, we did his essential oils on his spine, and he drank his red juice like he normally does and went to work. I can hardly wait to see if he notices a difference in his day.

And he told me to order plenty more of those "foot thingies" as he left for work today!

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