Friday, August 1, 2014

Do The Foot Pads Turn Dark Because of Sweat?

I live in a tropical, VERY humid climate. We reach 95% humidity almost every day, as is the case with tropical rainforests. We leave our windows open (and doors, during the day) and never use AC.

We have to use a lot of precautions against mold -- especially on anything leather. Many of our clothes have been destroyed because of the mold that grows.

Nonetheless, I want people to know and understand how the detox foot pads work.

When exposed to moisture they WILL turn dark. If you run them under tap water, they will also become dark.

After 3 days of laying out in the open, humid air, here is a picture of a foot pad (it was opened from its cellophane package)

This is why it is important to keep the foot pads in their packaging until use. Now this is over 72 hours of being exposed to extreme moisture in the air.

There also is a difference in the "goo" -- if it is exposed to moisture, if you run it under the water, it will turn dark, but it will feel like a wet tea bag... If you put them on your feet the feeling is totally different. It is like a tar or molasses consistency -- way thicker than when exposed to water.

The bottom line is -- these detox foot pads are moisture sensitive! (doh!! of course!). They come with the desiccated pack in the pouch to keep moisture out. Once you open the foot pads, use them. It's as simple as that :)

And if you sweat enough to really believe that all the dark goo from the footpads is coming from your feet -- after only 8 hours, then I highly recommend you see a doctor, because that is not right!

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