Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Do Detox Foot Pads Pull Out Any Good Stuff?

There are many ways to detox. A few of them you have to be wary of, like some ionic foot baths and far infrared saunas: they pull out a lot of bad toxins, but they also pull out minerals, too. The leeching of minerals can lead to a lot of painful muscle cramps and other symptoms that you want to avoid. (When using these methods it is best to replace the electrolytes and minerals with an ionic mineral supplement.)

But I do get questioned a lot about my foot pads:

"Do the detox foot pads pull out any good stuff?"

So let me tell you -- NO. They only pull out the toxins that your body is already trying to get rid of.

Let's use an example.

Let's say that your family fills three trash bags full of garbage each week, but the garbage man comes and only picks up two bags. That is all the capacity he has in his garbage truck.

So what happens? Week after week, month after month, the garbage man comes and still picks up two bags of garbage, but that additional bag each week just continues to add up, creating a horrible, stinky pile.

That is what is happening in most of our bodies. The amount of toxic garbage we expose it to is more than we are able to get rid of on our own. And week after week, that junk just keeps piling up until we are chronically sick and we have no clue how that could have happened to us.

But, don't worry. Purify Your Body's detox foot pads can help. When you use them for detoxing, they only pull from that "garbage pile" -- they won't take anything your body needs and is using. They won't detox nutrients, minerals, electrolytes, etc. When you take your medications, once your body uses up what it needs, the drug residue gets thrown into that garbage pile, and the foot pads will remove it, but they won't affect your medication.

You can rest assured the detox foot pads will give you the best detox! No fillers, free shipping within the U.S., and great customer service. Oh, and don't forget our money back guarantee!