Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Body Wrap - second review

After trying the It works! Body wrap last week and not getting any results, I tried the Luca Lean body wrap (bought 2 jars on eBay) last night. Steve laughed at me as he was wrapping me in plastic wrap :) I lost about 2 inches (off my thighs and hips). I am going to try it again tomorrow, to see if I get more inches to disappear. It is actually a LOT more comfortable than I thought it would be. And, I want to target more of my waist area. I will report back once I have tried it a few times. So far, I am pleased. The areas of my body that have the most "fatty tissue" are my upper thighs and butt, so I did see results there...

It is also a lot cheaper than the ItWorks! Body wrap, at only about $20 for a jar of the cream... and I am guessing you can do about 3+ body wraps per jar (plus the cost of the saran wrap)... way better than the price for the ItWorks! Body wraps, which targets only one area at a time, not your whole body. So far, I would choose Luca Lean body wrap formula over the other.

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