Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It Works! Body Wrap Review

I tried a body wrap from the MLM company, called It Works! Body Wrap. I of course want to be super slender for my wedding in 16 days... and if I can shed a few more inches before then, GREAT! I am also tanning, and did a 10-session package at a place called TOTALLY TAN, which has locations all over the northwest metro area. Since there is one near my work, it is convenient. Albeit, they are a little pushy. A 10-session tanning package is really only 10 points, and the low level beds are 1-point each, and they go up to 6 points each. So my "10 package" really may only be 2 tans... but I am using the low level beds. Going twice a week. (i am not a proponent of tanning but it is winter still here in MN for another week, hehe, snow still on the ground, and I am wearing a white wedding dress, and have light blond hair. I need some color.... I prefer real sunshine vs. fake bakes, but well, we do what we have to do !).

So, at this tanning salon, they sell the It Works! Body Wraps. All the girls that work there look 21, wear heavy makeup, have cute hair and are super skinny. The manager told me that she lost an inch in just 45 minutes wearing the wrap and she said she thought she didn't have that to lose (she was a stick as it was!) So I spent $25 and tried one.

I took a sauna, opening up the pores and cleansing the skin on my body. Then took a shower. Dried off... and then put the wrap on. I had it on for 2 hours last night. Measured before and after. Didn't lose an inch or even a fraction of an inch. I did it correct, as I watched the video and did what they told me to do.

It was very cold feeling... tingling... like ben gay with the potent herbal smell, but instead of heat, it gave off cold. This morning when I checked the inches, I did lose about 2-4 inches (we are supposed to measure in 3 places and add them up). But every morning I am thinner than I was at night. This is because (I think) last night I drank a ton of water in the sauna, maybe 20 oz. And I drank jasmine tea before bed, so while I still do drink throughout the day, I really need to drink when I lose moisture through sweating in my sauna. So that might be why.

It also is through a detox method, it says that is how it works. Well, I don't understand exactly, but my detox foot pads also provide a detox for your body. I have been doing those for years. Since I *probably* don't have as many toxins in my body as the average person, maybe that is why it didn't work as well. Like any type of "detox diet" that has you do a colon cleanse to lose weight fast, those don't work for me, since I use my oxyflush colon cleanse every night.

I ordered some luca lean body wrap stuff the other day, and will try it this weekend. I will try my whole body. Then I will review that, as well. I am doing the hcg diet right now, too, but only have lost about 8 lbs in 13 days... not fast enough for me!! I think I am freaking out about my wedding, my dress (I go in for alterations tonight so maybe that is the pressure that I am feeling). I want to lose at least another 10 lbs before the big day... only 16 days from now!! (When I say I am freaking out about my wedding, I am NOT freaking out about marrying him, that is the only thing I feel 100% sure about, and when I think of being married to him, I feel a sense of calm and peace, while the rest of the world is experiencing chaos).

So... another review coming up within the week.

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  1. how crazy, im getting married on the 20th and i bought luca lean as well. i just had a baby and a c section the dress fits well but i will be happy with a few less inches for sure. i hope this works. good luck