Sunday, January 2, 2011

Marriage proposal in Panama

I am the happiest girl alive!!! Steve and I went to town this morning, to purchase some souvenirs, and to eat lunch. We also checked out where the airport was. We WALKED to the airport. Kinda cool. Then, we were so blessed with a gorgeous sunny day without a cloud in sight. How could it have been raining non-stop for the past week straight? Well, a good start to the new year!

We went to a local beach, and we laid out, and then Steve talked me into going into the water. I am usually not one for going into the water at the beach, at least past my knees. But we went in... farther and farther out!!!

I got sidetracked at first because a local man was wading out into the ocean sorta close by us, and he was carrying a puppy. I thought for an instant that he might drown the puppy. I am unsure of the way folks do things here, so I went over to him (I battled the ocean to get to him) and he let me hold the puppy. The poor little guy was scared and shivering. So, I gave the puppy back, and was going to watch him with an eagle eye, ready to rescue the puppy if necessary (even though I don't swim well).

Then I went back to Steve and was talking animatedly about the pup, and then he turned around to face me with the souvenir ring and asked "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" O my!!!! My heart stopped, I wasn't expecting this, and thankfully my sunglasses hid the tears welling up in my eyes. My knees felt weak, and I said "are you serious?" and he said yes, and I then said "me? You want to marry ME?" And he again said yes, and I believe I said yes or "of course I will" at that point, but he started getting impatient and said "well, ANSWER ME" hehe.. I told him yes yes yes yes yes.

He then explained how this was the start of a new year and wanted to propose to me in the water, because the water travels all over the place, and so wherever we go, whether it is Belize, or Costa Rica, or wherever, it has the same water, and it can be "Our place". If that isn't the most romantic thing ever, then I don't know what is.

So, we then decided (me really) that I don't want a big wedding at all. Maybe just a couple people witnessing our wedding, and then maybe do it early spring. Maybe April 1st. hehe.

I get to pick out a ring when I get home. I am already looking online to check them out. Woohoo!

So, this was a perfect New Years Day. The sun came out, for the first time in a week. Blue skies, sunshine, marriage proposal!! YAY!!! What a fantastic trip so far!

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