Sunday, January 16, 2011

My detox foot pads and my upcoming wedding

I try to wear my detox foot pads every weekend for 2 nights. I wear 6 on each foot. I shower in the evenings usually after my workout, so I don't take the time in the morning before work to peel my foot pads off and scrub my feet, so the weekends work best for me.

I started an amazing promotion for the 60-pack foot pads (which for the time being, if you buy the 60-pack, you get 20 free). Regular price is $75, but the sale price is just $60. That is a total of 80 foot pads for $60 -- an absolutely fantastic deal.

Especially since I am one of the few foot pad companies that has absolutely NO FILLERS in my foot pads. They are super strong and will pull the toxins out like mad! :) And, I always offer FREE priority mail shipping to the U.S. and military bases. I am very thankful for all our military personnel and their families, and try to throw in an extra pack or two as a thank you gesture, when they do order.

But my point is that while I try to wear them myself on the weekends, I usually forget. I did wear them on Friday night but forgot last night. No wonder I didn't sleep as well.

I have a few things that I need to do before my wedding. One is to wear my detox foot pads more consistently, and another is to exfoliate my face / microderm abrasion etc. And, I want to lighten up my teeth. Oh, and of course, lose 15 more pounds so I can fit into my dress. I don't think that should be a problem, and I might not need to lose 15 lbs. I might just have to tone up my body and that will work. Muscle weighs more than fat, after all! Everything fits except in the chest area. I am surprised the waist fits, as I have a 30" waist and they said the measurements were for a 28 1/2" waist. But I do have flab, like in my upper love handle area, so I want to lose that and everything will be great!

And, I think I want to keep my tan. Having a golden tan next to a white dress is beautiful!

Lots to do, but this is fun. No stress allowed!

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