Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MRIs and Migraines - my blog post

This morning I was lucky enough to get an MRI, yay!! I have been going through some shoulder pain --INTENSIVE shoulder pain on both shoulders. I have been doing physical therapy for more than 6 months, and had cortisone shots as well. My right shoulder responded very well to the cortisone shot. The left shoulder, not so much. As a result, I now have shoulder surgery scheduled for the right shoulder, in early September.

As I was in the MRI machine today, I recalled my first MRI, in Hayward, CA about 12 years ago. That morning, I woke up with a very severe migraine -- the works: the aura, the throbbing stabbing pain in my head, the nausea, and the light sensitivity. The last thing I wanted to do was stick my body in a machine making that loud pounding noise!

But, as I recall clearly, I pulled up my big girl panties and went through with it!

About 25 minutes later I came out of the machine. My migraine was gone.


That was amazing! I knew from experience that was going to be a 3-day migraine.

I had heard about magnets being good pain relievers. I didn't know if I believed that. But now I do.

And as for my migraines, after using my detox foot pads on my toes, my migraines have completely gone away. I had suffered from them for 15 years, and now a simple detoxing of my brain (all the neurotoxins that I put in: MSG, aspartame, etc) and they are gone! I was so excited.

Now, my shoulder pain will go away after the surgery, and I will be a new woman!!



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