Sunday, July 25, 2010

ardyss body garment after laparoscopy and also the adhesives to my foot pads

I was able to wear the Ardyss Body Magic again 7 days after my laparoscopic surgery. My abdominal stitches are still in with the 3 incisions that I have, but the pain now only feels like mild to moderate menstrual cramps (men you won't understand -- women, they totally will understand). I don't really have any limitations anymore, except no sex. bleh.

So now I can fit the Ardyss Body Magic on, and fasten it to the 2nd or 3rd hooks. Hopefully in another few days I will be back to fastening it to the 3rd hooks all the way up, as I was before the surgery.

Another thing I want to talk about is my foot pads. They are not like kinoki foot pads because mine actually work! Kinoki's detox foot pads have over 50% cornstarch in them, used as a filler, so if you have a 5 gram pad, 2.5 grams is nothing helpful at all in detoxing your body. Purify Your Body's detox foot pads have 100% of the 5 grams of actual ingredients -- no fillers at all. I even list out the foot pad ingredients by percentages, so you know that it all adds up to 100%.

But here is another complaint I have, albeit mild... Sometimes my customers tell me that the adhesives to put on the foot pads to your feet, don't stick well enough. So I told the factory that, and to help, they made some super strength adhesives. Now, I have customers telling me that they don't come off!!! I have experienced that as well. I have been using them because of my surgery (get the drug residue out of my body please!) and I cannot seem to scrape the adhesive off my feet. I know I have told my customers that if they experience this, to just put lotion on their feet about 15 minutes before they put the foot pads on at night. Then the adhesives peel off very easily. But I don't listen to my own advice and now I spent about 15 minutes this morning scraping the bottoms of my feet- YUCK!!

And last of all, I made a homemade vegetable soup -- mostly with veggies from my garden. It was delicious. And nutritious! I am becoming a country girl!


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