Wednesday, August 25, 2021

How Long Should Someone Wear The Detox Pads For?

The first thing to say regarding the question of how long someone should wear the detox pads for, is to reassure everyone that there is no wrong or right length of time to wear the detox foot pads. 

A person can wear them one time and get benefits. There will be less toxins in their body even after one use. (Pretty cool, huh?)

The length of time it takes for a detox foot patch to "come clean" in the morning varies so much between people. My first time using the foot pads it took me about 7 months on the arches of my feet to come clean. I was in my late 20s and lived a pretty clean lifestyle. At least I thought so! (I rarely ate fast food, didn't drink soda, sugar was limited, and I didn't use toxic makeup). But in the area of my toes, I have never EVER seen them come clean. That area correlates to the head in reflexology charts. And I have had a LOT of issues, from hearing loss, TMJ issues, dental work (I have gotten all my metal fillings removed over 15 years ago and my mouth is doing a lot better now), migraines, I even had a tumor in my head 10 years ago. So that is understandable, I think. 

Let's take a few scenarios that some customers have asked me about specifically.

If you are middle aged and lived on the standard American diet for 35-50 years, and you work in a factory or a beauty salon around chemicals all day long.... then you may NEVER have the detox foot pads come clean in the morning. Even if you used them every night for YEARS. The reason? Input and output. Not only has your body had YEARS to store toxins, and become sluggish, you are continually adding more toxins to your bucket. 

And speaking of that bucket, I like to use the example of everyone having a bucket -- they can be all different sizes... it can be the "toxin bucket" and one person may have a huge bucket and won't feel any symptoms until it starts to overflow with toxins.... so they may smoke 2 packs of cigarettes per day and eat McDonald's every day for lunch, and so on... and on .... for decades. And then all of the sudden their bucket is overflowing and they start to feel chronic symptoms come on. Then they refuse to believe it is their lifestyle... because after all, they have been living this way for decades! But in reality, their genetics allowed them to have this huge bucket... 

So, back to this middle aged American who finally decides to start detoxing. The detox foot pads are a great choice because you can start and stop whenever, and use them when it is convenient for you. Other forms of detoxing require you to be near a bathroom, or make you sick, or force your body to detox. The foot pads don't. They only pull from that toxin bucket -- what your body is ALREADY trying to get rid of!! 

So, using the detox foot pads you will start to lessen the load in the bucket. And you will continue to expose yourself to toxins in your food, in your home -- carpet off gassing, mattresses off gassing, the spray on clothing and furniture... New clothing is often covered with formaldehyde to prevent mildew, wrinkling and parasites during shipping -- especially those shipped from China! (In fact, Victoria's Secret has undergone multiple lawsuits for the excessive formaldehyde levels found in their lingerie!) Not to mention the toxins in our personal care items, cleaning items and the air we breathe!

So... if you could be very alert and focused on cleaning up your home so that there is no mold, no off gassing, no toxic cleaning products or personal care items, and you started eating better and more organic whole foods instead of processed foods, and got a good air purifier and on and on.... plus using the detox foot pads, you can get ahead of the toxin bucket, and slowly start to empty it. The more it is emptied, the more you gain control over your chronic pain and other symptoms. 

And, if you ever get that toxin bucket fully empty, the foot pads will come clean in the morning after use! 

That is the question I get asked the most. When will they come clean? 

Every single person is different. The bucket size is different. The exposure to toxins is different... We are each individuals. 

  • I would recommend for a middle aged adult who wants to detox but doesn't have any debilitating health issues (maybe a little chronic pain or a couple minor health issues) to start with a 3-month supply and rotate the foot pads on the different areas of the body.

  • I would recommend for a younger adult who lives a clean, healthy lifestyle with no major health issues except maybe one or two minor ones, to start out with a 1-month supply and rotate the foot pads on the different areas of the body.

  • I would recommend for a chronically ill adult with lots of health issues, to consider doing 3 on each foot per night for at least 3 months. That is a lot of foot pads, but the benefits are enormous!

  • For infants, I would say maybe 3-5 days max of use before they are fully cleaned and detoxed!

  • For elementary school kids, I recommend 2 weeks of use for a good detox. Unless they have heavy metal toxicity or other health issues, they shouldn't need more than 2 weeks.

And I love that my customers love the detox foot pads. Thank you all so much!

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