Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Steward Pet Foods -- Raw and Freeze Dried... and HEALTHY

Stewart® Raw Naturals™ Freeze Dried Pet Food is a huge treat in my house!! Both my cat and my dog absolutely LOVE it and will do any amount of begging, pleading, tricks, or even give me the puppy dog eyes to have me give them some.

We use it as a treat vs a meal because my dog is 95 lbs and right now we feed him grain free kibble, with raw organ meats and other raw tidbits as we get them. He is 8 years old and healthy. My cat is 11 (almost 12) and she is healthy as well. The vet could not believe she is that old. 

What is so good about Stewart Raw Naturals? Well, they use human grade ingredients. Their products are prepared with a single source protein (or limited source) and they add fruits, veggies, etc to it to provide vitamins and minerals. Then, they freeze dry it in its raw state, making it shelf stable. 

Pretty cool, right? We got the Fresh To Home Turkey Recipe and it is extremely tasty to my dog! He goes bonkers over it (I haven't tried it personally but if I decided to, I think I would need to cook it first because we shouldn't eat raw turkey). 

The food is complete and balanced. And, it is made in the USA. It won't have any of the fake Chinese ingredients in it. Like I mentioned, they use human-grade ingredients, and prepared with whole, real foods. You can use it for all breeds and life stages and it is filled with nutrients. 

If I could afford it, I would have it be the main meal that my dog eats. But it is expensive and he eats about 4 cups of kibble a day! So it is used for treats only :) 

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