Saturday, January 2, 2016

Body Sculpt Wraps - Did They Work?

I got to review some body sculpting wraps. I was pretty excited about it because I have some extra abdominal fat (thanks, hypothyroidism!) and would love to reduce the inches around my midsection.

Once they arrived, I read the instructions. It came with some body shape wear (a one piece that looks sort of like lingerie hah!) and you are to use the wrap on your body, holding it in place with plastic wrap, for about an hour.

I left mine on for 2 hours because, well, I was hoping that would increase the inches they claim to help you lose. I put the body shape wear over the plastic wrap and sat in my recliner with my laptop and worked (I work from home).

I did measure myself before and after. So I could be sure to be honest in my review.

I have tried the ItWorks! wraps, and the LucaLean body wraps many times with not so amazing results. The LucaLean wrap in the past has worked very well, but recently I tried it again and it didn't do anything. The ItWorks! wraps never ever worked at all. Not a single inch or fraction of an inch.

So I was looking forward to comparing my experience with this one.

Here are my comments:

1. It was larger than an ItWorks! wrap. But it was EXTREMELY hard to get to stay on as I was wrapping the plastic wrap around. It took a LOT of skill!! and patience. Ha!

2. It smelled ok and did not irritate my sensitive skin, which is a blessing! I tried an off brand a month or so ago and I had a rash on my stomach for 2 weeks afterward. So I was looking for that.

3. I lost a total of 1/4 inch on my abdomen, but nothing on my waist (they ask you to measure different areas -- the waist being the skinniest part of your midsection (usually a few inches above your belly button) and the abdomen being the largest part of your midsection (usually around your belly button or just below).

4. I weighed myself before and after. I have a fancy scale that calculates body fat, water weight, bone mass, etc. and I actually gained 0.4 lbs in the two hours that I sat down with this wrap on and did nothing, drank nothing and ate nothing. So that is disheartening.

5. The body shape wear is awesome. Although it is supposed to be one size fits all, it was tight on my shoulders as I am tall and it doesn't seem to stretch that way very well, only outward. I suspect if you are 5'7" or shorter, it will work for you. I am almost 5'9".

I do want to say that although this didn't really seem to work for me -- they say that you can lose 1-3 inches per use (I don't think that 1/4" qualifies in that range), I have an actual medical condition that makes it extremely hard to lose weight. I am hypothyroid, and I also have hormonal imbalances and a congested liver. I have adrenal fatigue. So no matter how well I eat, how much I move my body, I've tend to gain 2 lbs a month for the past year or so.

The doctors are mystified, except that they say my liver isn't processing the hormones right, so my metabolism is not working. Well, that is just no fair! I used to play competitive ice hockey and was so active and had so much energy. Now it is hard for me to function, barely getting through the day.

So, this might be the reason why it didn't work for me.

I will continue to use the body shape wear as I liked it, but I won't be able to wear it overnight like they recommend, since it digs into my shoulders and is uncomfortable for long periods of time.

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