Sunday, November 16, 2014

TENS Unit for Arthritis and Bursitis Pain

I started using this TENS unit that I received from Santamedical. I did not know what to expect because I didn't realize it was the same type of device (same concept) as what you would get at the chiropractor for "electric stim" therapy. But it is! Except in a convenient personal size (about the size of a TV remote instead of a box the size of a bread machine that you see at the chiropractic clinic).

My husband and I have been fighting over it ever since we got it. Ok, let me re-phrase that. My husband and I have been nicely taking turns using it on all the parts of our body that ache!

He has been using it on his lower back and his elbow. I have used it on my hips (bursa) and also my lower back and SI joint.

This DOES give me some pain relief. I did not expect it to give such amazing relief. But, I read that you are not supposed to use it all day long so I am limiting myself to 30 minutes each area.

What is it? It is a little remote-sized device that hooks (via wires) to 4 little electrodes (I am making terminology up so just go with the flow here). These electrodes are about an inch and a half squared, and are sticky. But they don't have adhesive on. You stick them on to your skin without using any type of gel or adhesive, so that is kinda cool!

Then, you use the controller to select the program based on the location. There are two sets of two electrodes, so you can set them to different intensities, between 1-10.

So, how does it work? Scientists believe that TENS units helps with pain control in two ways. First of all, your nerves are stimulated to send signals to your brain that interfere with the pain signals. Secondly, TENS encourages your body to produce endorphins, which are hormones that block pain naturally.

Since I am not one to use pain meds even though my bursitis and arthritis is extreme, I am in pain a lot. This definitely has made a difference in my pain levels, and it works instantly.  The pain relief doesn't last... maybe after 3 hours it starts to come back. But I am not complaining, I think that is awesome!

Someone told me that after prolonged, consistent use (every day for a few weeks) the pain relief starts to last longer and long. I sure hope so!!

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