Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Best Natural Deodorants - Non Toxic Ways To Smell Fresh!

deodorant stone
Thai crystal deodorant
I have tried quite a few natural deodorants. Some of them work quite well but are time consuming (and I am lazy), others don't work as well. I found one that seems to work the best for me, and it is all natural and super easy to do!

Here is a list of natural deodorants and how well they worked for me:

1. Thai Mineral Stone. This works ok, especially in cold winter months when you don't sweat a lot. It lasts a LONG time, I could see one stick lasting 18 months or longer.

natural deodorant
Sunshea Products Pit Stick
2. Pit Stick Natural Deodorant by Sunshea Products. This works well in keeping odor out but you still sweat with it, making it hard to use where I live in Panama when it is 85-90 degrees every day. It smells FANTASTIC and I do recommend this product to those who want to try it. It is one of the least expensive natural deodorants I have found, and lasts a long time (not as long as the Thai crystal deodorant stick though!)

3. Slice of Lime. Seriously. This stuff rocks your socks off. We have a lime tree in our backyard and during its season I just cut up a lime and used it in my armpits. I did not have any issues using it right after I shaved, however, a friend of mine said it did irritate her skin. You don't sweat as much with this one, but right now it is inconvenient since I don't have any limes, and I always forgot because then I would have to go to the kitchen, open the fridge, etc right after my shower and it didn't work with my scheduling (see, I am lazy!). And, It does end up being expensive if you have to purchase your own limes. One lime per week ends up being about $3-4 per month.

primal pit paste deodorant
primal pit paste

 4. Primal Pit Paste. This stuff is a clay-based deodorant that seems to work well, many people give it good reviews. I have had friends make a homemade version with baking soda and bentonite clay, but it caused red irritation in their armpits. I have not tried the homemade version, but the Pit Paste works well!

I have not heard of anyone who said the Primal Pit Paste did not work for them. So this is a safe bet if you want a good non-toxic deodorant.

neutralizer gel and deodorizing essential oil
neutralizer gel and deodorizing essential oil blend

5. Neutralizer gel and deodorizing synergy blend essential oil. This is my new favorite as it smells SO good and causes absolutely no irritation. I purchased the essential oil thinking I would try making a DIY clay-based deodorant recipe. But when I got it, I smelled it and wanted to try it right away. So I just took a small pea sized amount of the neutralizer gel that I have, added 2 drops of the essential oil, and rubbed it together in my hand, and then used it on my armpits. Heavenly! And I still smell good the next morning.

You can use that essential oil blend with a DIY deodorant recipe of your choice. I am so happy that there is no irritation whatsoever. And I am happy that I had neutralizer gel on hand. It is great for so many things, from sunburn relief, to skin care, etc.

Whatever natural deodorant works best for you, know that you are doing your body a great service by not using traditional toxin-filled anti-perspirants. And, if you want to get rid of the toxins in your body you can do that by using my detox foot pads -- a great way to detoxify and pull the chemicals from your body that can wreak havoc on your health.