Thursday, February 6, 2014

What Are the Main Causes of Toxins in Your Body?

Toxins affect us all.  They are in our environment and within us.  From the air we breathe to the food we eat, we are exposed to toxins.  Yet we can better protect our health by reducing exposure to these toxins and taking care to cleanse our body of them before they have a chance to do harm.  Of course, it's necessary to understand what types of toxins we are at risk for and how we can avoid them.

Lack of Water

The healthiest diets won't do much good without plenty of water.  Water is essential for life and all the functions of our body.  Water is also important for flushing out our systems of all unwanted materials including toxins.  When there isn't enough water in our systems to generate a healthy flow, the toxins in our system can back up.  Over time, these toxins can affect organs and other parts of our body.  Drinking plenty of water each day can eliminate this toxic back-up and improve the way a person feels.   

The Wrong Food

A poor diet is a source of toxins for our systems.  Low fiber foods and food that has few nutritional qualities can lead to toxin pile-ups.  A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, reduces our toxic intake and enhances health.  Try to include as much organic and non-processed food in your diet as you can to avoid excessive exposure to toxins in food.  Also, wash all fruits and vegetables well in case they were exposed to chemical pesticides which our toxic to our bodies.

Air Quality

For allergy sufferers pollen and mold can be toxic to the body.  Pollution, of course, affects everyone--while cities.  While it's not convenient to wear a face mask (available from drug stores) every day, you can wear them on particularly hazy days when the air quality is especially bad.  Use a HEPA filter in your home and leave the air conditioning on to minimize these elements from overly affecting the air quality of your home.


The things we do can lead to the presence of increased toxins in our bodies.  Smoking, of course, is a major pollutant for our bodies, but even using paraffin candles instead of soy can negatively impact the air quality of the home.  Allowing stress and conditions like constipation can allow toxins to wreak havoc on the body.  Eating late at night before bed as a habit can induce a toxin pile-up.  Failing to exercise is also associated with increased toxins; exercise stimulates circulation and helps keep our systems going and flowing so that toxins are moved out.

While we can't avoid toxins altogether, we can certainly decrease our exposure to them.  Moreover, by periodically cleansing the body through some form of natural detox, we can remove harmful build-ups before they can trigger health problems.  If you're feeling sluggish for no particular reason, try a detox along.  You can also be more mindful about eliminating toxin exposure.  Chances are your body will feel much better as a result of your efforts!

For more information, check out this infographic on why you should cleanse and detox your body.