Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baking Soda Shampoo results

As I have mentioned time and time again, we put toxins in our bodies on a daily basis, in our shampoos, conditioners, lotions, face creams, makeup, hair products, etc. This is in addition to all the toxic chemicals we consume via our food supply! So I have tried cutting down on allowing toxins to enter my body, and one of the ways is by avoiding toxic beauty products. I have been using the baking soda and apple cider vinegar "shampoo / conditioner" recipe, and my hair is amazing. I wash it about 4 times a week, and have been doing it for over 2 months now. I don't plan on stopping. It takes less than 5 minutes to make 2 weeks worth of shampoo/conditioner, and costs just pennies. (well, it may cost a couple dollars if you want to purchase an empty container to start. I just used old containers that I had). My hair is thicker, and no tangles. With my commercial conditioner, my hair would get baby soft, but would also tangle very easy. Now, my hair is not as soft, nor does it smell like the conditioners I used to use. It really has no smell. But it is still fairly soft, and oh boy is it shiny and healthy.


I also have been using some homemade body butter, which moisturizes my skin better than most other lotions I have used, and doesn't give me that yucky feeling on my skin afterward. However, that is not cheap. It is probably equivalent in price to Nivea or Eucerin from the drugstore, but a LOT better for you, and I think works even better. I put essential oils in to create whatever scent I want.

The vinegar-water combo that I am using to clean my house is amazing, as well. My bathroom shines, and my kitchen counters and cupboards are always clean now. I use miracle soap (all natural) on my floors (my dogs have a tendency to lick the floor and eat things off the floors, so I don't use toxic chemicals on the floors at all, for sure!

Lastly, I have been making my own laundry detergent and not using fabric softener sheets in the dryer. Instead, I am using dryer balls. The clothes feel very different, they don't have a fresh smell, but they don't stink, either. They just feel like clothes. My sheets on my bed, though, seem a lot softer, and my clothes don't make me itch, either!! I hated putting on clothes where I used regular detergent on them, and they made me itch all day. And I avoided the Tide Free -type detergents because they contain chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer, even if they may be allergen free.

So, in summary, I have to say that it is a lot more work to be chemical free in the beginning, as you get used to it. But now it is simple, easy and makes me feel good about myself and my environment.

So far, everything has been going good. And I will continue to report back every few months. I want to make this sustainable!

But if you need to pull those toxins out of your body, and don't want to do all these things, then try my detox foot pads. They will help you get rid of the toxins that your body is exposed to.

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