Monday, May 16, 2011

Organic produce vs. no produce vs. pesticides

We all know the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables... there is no argument there. The nutrients they provide, the fiber, the delicious taste...

But try getting my husband to eat fresh veggies is impossible... unless they are fresh from my garden. Then, he will pick the green beans directly from the vine and pop them into his mouth without even washing them! It is nice, I don't use pesticides or herbicides. All healthy and natural.

So that is good... but what I want to write about is the regular fruits and vegetables that we buy from the store.

The other night, actually the first week we signed up for Netflix, my dear hubby stayed up late watching tons of documentaries. We streamed Netflix through our Wii and wireless connection, so it was easy choosing what to watch through our TV. He watched one about nutrition, and how we are destroying our food chain because of pesticides, etc.

He came up to bed (I was already asleep) but felt what he had to say was worth waking me up over. Big-eyed, he asked me "Do you know how long it takes for fresh produce to arrive in our local supermarket?" and I replied "a lot longer than it should!" and then he said "by the time it arrives, over 40% of the nutrients are depleted, and it isn't fresh, and they use pesticides". My "never caring what he eats" husband shocked me by seeming to care about this. He knows I care and purchase organic whenever it is available and our budget allows. But I know that he just buys whatever he sees. I thought that by telling him that what we can't grow ourselves we can get at the farmers market, he would let me go back to sleep.

Nope. I finally caught on to his ulterior motive. The next thing he said was "if we moved to Central America we wouldn't have to worry about nutrient depletion and pesticides... everything is grown right there, locally, and we can grow anything we want, by ourselves!" Ahh! There's the catch. Another reason to move to Central America. Something he has wanted to do for years now. So it wasn't really about him deciding to care what he puts into his body... it was just another thing to try to get ME enticed to move there. I love that man.

So... back to what I really want to write about... the produce we buy in our supermarket. If we don't have access to organic fruits and veggies, is it better to go without, or to eat the pesticide laden fruits and veggies that are available? I do not know the answer and am looking to find out. Anyone have any ideas? I would love to hear them. I am a regular user of my detox foot pads, and I know that pulls out pesticides from my body, along with other things, but what if people don't detox their bodies? Would you rather eat veggies filled with poisonous toxins, or none at all? (If organic wasn't available)? Let me know your answers!

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