Thursday, June 2, 2011

Something to think about

I received my latest order of Miracle Soap this week (this is what I use for my skin -- cleanser, shampoo, moisturizer:) and in it came with an information brochure with some very interesting and thought provoking information in it. Here is one of the paragraphs:

"Despite all of the life saving technology and wonder drugs available to us, why is it we are seeing a vast increase of chronic disease in our country? Scientific data is showing us our immune systems are more burdened than ever. Could it be due to the five billion pounds of toxic chemicals that have been dumped into our ecosystem? The statistics speak for themselves. Fortunately, though, people are starting to realize their need to take responsibility for their health and are discovering the amazing amount of information available concerning wellness. Medical professionals are doing the best job they know how treating the symptoms of our diseases. However, maybe it is time to take a look at what our role is in maintaining good health!"

I agree that our medical community treats symptoms very well. They are on the leading edge of all the technological breakthroughs. But we don't need more medications. I truly believe our bodies can heal themselves if we just detox our bodies, and get rid of all the toxic waste and chemicals inside ourselves. If our bodies can miraculously heal a cut when it is clean, why can't the rest of our body be healed if we also keep it clean?

You are welcome to a free sample of my detox foot pads -- just visit my website and send an email through the contact us form (free shipping to the U.S.) try them out. You can be on your way to a healthy body, free of toxins.

Have a fun journey!

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