Monday, August 9, 2010

endometriosis pain? nope.

Today is the first day of my first period since my surgery. I woke up with cramps around 3:45am and took some ibuprofen with some milk. The cramps are bad, but not unbearable. Maybe the doc finding staples inside me and removing them, especially the one that was embedded into my ovary, will actually help. If this is the worst I feel, then I am ok with it, in fact, quite pleased (most of the time the first day of my period I am so sick I can barely walk, so this pain, which is about a 7.5 on a scale of 10, is nothing compared to how it usually is). But I won't make a complete assessment for another 3 months. Let's hope!

I thought about posting the laparoscopic images of the staple that was in my ovary, but that is just a bit weird, I think. So we will leave those pictures out. I am just thrilled that I don't have endometriosis, and hopefully all the pelvic pain was caused by these lost staples (about 8 of them).

I was driving to work this morning, in the middle of the heat wave, of course... with the air conditioning on in my truck, and my heated seat on. The heat makes my lower back feel so good! i know it sounds strange, but it brought me relief. Also, between 4 and 5:30 this morning I had my own heating pad-- Aegis. He cuddled up with me and boy does he generate heat. Steve also generates heat, but he hates to be hot at night so cuddling with him to get warm is not an option, unless I want to torture him, which I sometimes do, but mostly not.

And, hopefully everything will be done by Thursday when I have my shoulder surgery. Life is good!!!


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  1. I visited the doctor these days and affirmative, I did break a bone. The doctor aforementioned it had been calcifying therefore it's concerning 2-3 months previous. Thank you