Friday, January 29, 2021

Cellular Toxicity from 2020 -- Detox Your Body!

 This week has been 16 years since I first launched Purify Your Body's website and got my first order! I was so excited and proud of my little business that I created from scratch.

Now, all these years later, I have over 7,000 customers (not all are repeat unfortunately -- some were just one time customers) and have increased my products to include some of my favorite herbal formulas, made from my own two hands! (gloved, of course, hah!)

I am so grateful for all of my customers. You have helped me achieve my dream of helping bring natural health and detox products to the masses. 

Now, last year was definitely crazy for a lot of us. We've all probably spent more time at home and inside this year than any other year of our lives. (Hopefully 2021 isn't the same). 

Here are some things to consider as a result of this:

--> With being less mobile, our lymphatic system can't support our detox processes as much as if we were more active.

--> The air indoors is much worse than outdoor air quality almost everywhere in the U.S.

--> The stress levels add even more toxins to our poor bodies

--> All of this leads to increased cellular toxicity, chronic illness and can also lead to weight gain over time

And, because of this, you can't just change your diet or exercise more and hope to repair the damage. You must address the detoxification aspect to undo the damage that all the sitting around indoors this past year has done to us all. ​

So what do I recommend? 

My detox foot pads of course! They are especially great for babies and young kids. I love hearing how within days the pads come clean on the little ones. Unlike us adults who have had decades piling up the toxins in our bodies, they are easily detoxed.

I recommend at least 1 week of use for kids, and at least 1 month of wearing the foot pads for each adult. ​

One question I get asked a lot is whether the foot pads will get lighter as time goes by. 

The foot pads eventually WILL get lighter as time goes by, as long as you are not putting in more toxins to your body than you are removing. If you work in a factory, or in a salon, or with chemicals, etc. And if you live in a very polluted area, or are exposed to cleaning products all day long, everything adds up. For       example, even the furniture, the clothes we wear (with flame retardants sprayed on them) -- our mattresses, carpet, paint, etc can off gas and cause toxins to build up.

That isn't even taking into consideration the foods we eat! 

That being said, an average amount of toxins in a healthy body can be detoxed naturally  by our body's natural detox processes (liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin, etc). ​And using the detox foot pads you can help support those natural detox processes. 

So... BUY SOME DETOX FOOT PADS! :)  You can use code DETOX30 for 30% off.

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