Sunday, March 1, 2020

Coronavirus and Cytokine Storm Fighter: Prevention, Treatment and Where To Buy These Recommendations

There is tons of information about the Coronavirus and no one knows what to believe, thanks to sensationalist media. But people keep asking me what they should do to prepare, and of course besides preparing for a potential quarantine (here in the US I believe if we do this it would be a "voluntary" quarantine, but most people would want to do it for their family's safety), having some products in your medicine cabinet to use as an arsenal against this virus if your family gets it, is the best bet.

To be honest, I do not know whether you will have to be quarantined at a hospital if you test positive for it. I doubt our government will allow you to wait it out at home. And because many times the cases are so mild, you might want to try treating it at home first, while staying away from others (so you don't spread whatever illness you have -- it might just be a bad cold or influenza).

Please note my recommendations are based on either my own personal brand or products I carry in my store, or products I use myself and like. These may be affiliate links, which if you click through and purchase something, it won't cost you anything extra, but I may make a small percentage of the sale. I really appreciate the support for my business. But also, if you find similar products at a store near you, or a friend is also an herbalist and has these products, by all means, buy them from wherever you want :)

On my website, I offer free shipping on all orders over $50 to the US. For international customers, I ask them to Contact me first with their address and what products they want to order so I can give them an accurate shipping quote.

Support your immune system:

1) Vitamin A & D - whole food cod liver oil (this is the best brand for your money and 100% natural) - take it every day!
2) Vitamin C - I have acerola berry powder and rose hip tincture for every day use, and also sodium ascorbate that I use when I need high dose vitamin C.
3) Selenium - take this every day
4) Wear your detox foot pads as often as you can to remove the toxins NOW, before you get sick... that way your body will be cleaner and stronger and more able to fight off a virus. These are also safe for babies and elderly! But if you are pregnant or nursing, please ask your doctor or midwife before using.

At first sign of symptoms:

1) Immune Formula - this has elder flower (not elderberry), echinacea and a TON of anti-virals!
2) Colloidal silver - this is the most potent silver product on the market! You also can nebulize it if needed (use distilled water and put the drops of silver into the distilled water)
3) Up your vitamin C dose (I still continue to take whole food vitamin C daily, but I also start high dosing the sodium ascorbate. I avoid ascorbic acid. Use to bowel tolerance.
4) Zinc Gluconate - this is one of the top recommended types of zinc for Coronavirus
5) Lugol's iodine! Start slow with this!! Like 1 drop in an 8 oz glass of water.

If you have a weakened respiratory system:

1) Start nebulizing the colloidal silver. This nebulizer is the one recommended to me for adults. And they have a respiratory mask with tubing to purchase for a couple dollars extra.
2) My respiratory formula - this is AMAZING!!! You can take this at the first sign of symptoms moving to your lungs... and if you have asthma, my allergy formula is good for opening up the bronchial tubes, and they can be taken together! (I should have named my allergy formula "asthma & allergy" because it can be used for hay fever, and mild asthma, as well as histamine reactions).

If symptoms persist for more than one week and your symptoms GET WORSE:

1) STOP taking anything with echinacea, elderberry, or colloidal silver. Your body may have created a cytokine storm inside, and you need to calm it because it can be deadly
2) Cytokine Storm Fighter is my newest formula that combines herbs together to settle the cytokine storm inside you! It is currently out of stock but if you join my Facebook group or mailing list I will post when it is available again. (It is available now!! And will be until it is sold out and that will be it for about a month until I can make more).

What is a Cytokine Storm?

A cytokine storm is what is most likely happening in all those folks that you hear are dying from coronavirus. A cytokine storm CAN kill you. It occurs when a very severe viral infection (such as coronavirus, SARS, Swine Flu H1N1 or Bird Flu H5N1) takes control of your immune system and causes immune confusion in your body. Basically, your body starts to work on overdrive and becomes really confused. This reaction, called "cytokine storm" over activates your body to where normal feedback loops designed to calm things down, fail to operate.

It is said that most of the 25 million people that died from the Spanish flue epidemic of 1918 died from a cytokine storm.

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