Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Babies Can Be Detoxed, TOO!

I just LOVE my baby nephew. He is such a chunk and he is now almost 4 months old. My sister went ahead and got him vaccinated (I disagree with vaccinating, especially babies, but this isn't about pro or anti-vax). So, I had her use the detox foot pads on his little feet. He used them for a couple days post vaccinations, and the foot pads were super gooey and then started slowing down on the gooey-ness (that is a word, I am sure!) as his body detoxed.

See how adorable he is?

and this is a cute picture of his feet with the foot pads!

Here are the first foot pads that were taken off! 

Here is the second batch

Here is the third batch -- one of them didn't stick very well

Here is the 4th batch of foot pads!

While I hate all the toxins in vaccines, if you feel that it is necessary to vaccinate, I recommend that you consider detoxing your baby afterward to help get the heavy metals, mercury and other yucky ingredients out of your poor baby's body.

The foot pads can help with that. One single foot pad can fit on the whole foot, making it easy and less expensive to detox your baby vs detoxing an adult.

Babies also detox a LOT quicker than adults as well. They should be fully detoxed within two weeks if not within days. Adults take months to detox fully, thanks to the many years of exposure to toxins!

I really recommend the foot pads for all babies and kids. I have some customers whose kids ask for the foot pads, calling them "stickers" -- "Can I wear the stickers on my feet tonight?" and it is very intuitive that kids know what is good for them.

I also have customers who can definitely tell a difference in their school age children -- they sleep much better and are much more attentive in class.

Bottom line. Kids are exposed to more toxins and chemicals than they ever have been before, throughout the ages. Keep them healthy by detoxing them!


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