Monday, January 6, 2014

Our Journey To Panama

This is a personal blog post, not about my detox foot pads.

We have been living in Panama now for just shy of 4 months. We arrived here pretty smoothly. We had a long drive from Salt Lake City to Houston. Then we flew direct from Houston to Panama City.

The second night of our journey, we arrived in our hotel just south of Dallas (In Corsicana, TX) and we checked in to our hotel, The Days Inn. We put the dog and cat in the hotel room and shut the door. It was around 8pm and we were hungry and tired. We drove across the highway to get some dinner (a busy highway).

When we came back to the hotel room, the door was open and both dog and cat were gone. It has one of those door handles that is a lever, so my dog decided to try to open it, and he succeeded.

My whole life is my pets. I love them so much. Aegis is my 100 lb boxer boy, and Bimp is my 13 lb long haired tortoise shell cat.

Aegis is very proud of his big stick on the beach

Aegis enjoying his nap

Aegis as a puppy, sending emails to his friends

Aegis was dressed up as my little sheep for Halloween, he wasn't too pleased.

Aegis just hanging with my husband. And our sweet Angel who passed away about 6 months after this picture.
As you can imagine, I love my animals! And I was SO FRIGHTENED when they were missing. We were in a far away city where we didn't know anyone. It was dark at night and the fields around the hotel were filled with rattlesnakes (we could hear them!)

I prayed so hard, and cried a lot of tears. We frantically searched the surrounding area. My niece found Aegis and he was fine. I cried tears of relief and got him back into the hotel room. As we got into the hotel room, my cat darted in from the parking lot. PHEW! They were both safe. My prayers were answered.

I guess the animals wanted to have their own little adventure.

We got them onto the plane in Houston that Monday morning, and we arrived in Panama 4 hours later. About an hour and a half drive to our new home, and we were there!

We live a couple blocks from Gorgona Beach in Panama. Aegis LOVES the beach and loves frolicking and running and splashing in the waves.

My sister back home is filling all my Purify Your Body orders and she is doing a fabulous job. I am still answering the phones from here in Panama, and emailing back and forth when my customers have questions.

I am here. For the time being. We don't know how long we will stay here in Panama, but we have no plans as of now for anything different.

My cat is now an indoor only cat, as there are so many wild street dogs and other animals that birds of prey in this area. I don't want to take any chances. We don't even let my dog out without us keeping watch. Worrywarts we are!

Everyone is safe and sound.