Thursday, January 10, 2013

My detox foot patches are getting cleaner as the weeks progress

I am traveling, and what that normally means is bad food choices, stress and lack of sleep. All of these things put your body under extra duress, and many times sickness prevails -- you are in new environments with different strains of germs, your body is out of whack due to time zone changes, etc.

Last night, I wore 3 detox foot patches on each foot, for about 8 hours. This is my picture from this morning when I took them off:

I have teeny patches on the toes that are white... but I doubt they will ever become fully clean. My brain is so toxic, I have been told, hah! :)

However, on this trip I have been eating mostly gluten free, fully sugar free, and taking my vitamins. I also brought my diatomaceous earth and my french green clay to make a clay drink. I am proud of myself. I also didn't let flight delays and sitting for 4 hours at an airport get me down. So I did a lot better this time with my travels. (I am traveling for work so not as fun as if it were vacation!)

I have been better at wearing the foot pads more consistently, maybe 4-5 times per week vs. 2-3 times per week. So, I plan on continuing this, and hopefully there will be a time when the foot pads aren't even dark at all.

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