Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Detox Foot Patches to maintain your health

You don't have to be sick to use the detox foot pads. I don't have any illnesses or chronic disease (except stress! and I wish it were easy to de-stress your life!) and I still get tons of goo out on my foot patches from the nights I do wear them.

My toes, of course, are always the worst. I have never been able to get the foot pads clean from that area... but every other area of my body has been fully detoxed and now I just do a maintenance. When I don't wear the foot pads for 6 months at a time (yes, there have been times when I maybe only have worn them once or twice in 6 months!) it takes a few weeks for me to get back to the "clean" pads on my arches, heels and ball of my foot. But for my toe area, I have never come "clean" in the morning.

I know I should wear them every day until they are clean... as I do have a benign tumor in my head, and have to get an MRI every few years to make sure it isn't growing. Even though the doctors say that it isn't malignant, if it grows it could press on certain areas of my brain and cause motor difficulties, so I need to watch out.

Here are the detox foot patches on my toes. I really wrap them around the whole toe area:

detox foot pads wrapped around the toes

 And here is the result of my foot pad being placed on my toes, the next morning:

used foot pad from the toe area -- so gooey!

And here is a nice testimonial from a customer who has been using them sporadically for a long time, like myself:

"I love the Purify Your Body foot patches.  I always feel better the day after using them and I was amazed after the first week of using them.  I never realized how much gunk was in my body.  Thanks for a Great Product!!!" 
-PDG, Dublin, OH