Sunday, April 1, 2012

Say No to Cancer and Chronic Illness

When I hear of people who have been diagnosed with cancer or another chronic disease or illness, I feel very sad. Sometimes I shake my head in wonder as to why they continue using products that contain cancer-causing chemicals, or consuming processed or dead foods that provide no nourishment for their ailing bodies.

There are toxic chemicals in shampoos and conditioners (even organic brands!), and in body lotions, face creams, makeup, and hair styling products.

There are toxic chemicals in flame retardant children's pajamas! 

There are toxic chemicals in plastics that we use (many times inappropriately, like in the microwave!)

There are chemicals in our tap water!

There are toxins in the fertilizers and pesticides we use in our lawn and garden!

There are toxic chemicals in the harsh detergents we use to clean our homes, our clothing, and our dishes!

If you are sick, please think about all the things you use in your life, in your home, that may be contributing to your illness.

And if you can't change your lifestyle, please consider using Purify Your Body detox foot pads so you can pull these awful toxins out of your body.

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