Monday, April 25, 2016

New Air Spring Water Dispenser (WAT30B) and Spring Filtration Bottle (WAT10W) Review

I have a new favorite item in my house. It is this New Air Spring Water Dispenser and Spring Filtration Bottle. I am in love.

It will look nice almost anywhere in your kitchen, and it has some pretty good features as well. 

Let's talk about the Water Filtration Bottle. It is the coolest thing! It isn't much more expensive than a Brita water pitcher, and the carbon filter lasts a lot longer (making it cheaper in the long run!) It turns crappy tap water into filtered water!! And you put the bottle on a water dispenser, so you can have instant hot or cold water -- no need to take up room in your fridge.

See, I told you, super cool!

It holds 3 gallons at a time, and will filter a total of 221 gallons before you need to replace the filter.

Super easy to use, and extremely convenient. 

The replacement filters are affordable and super easy to change. You should not have any issues with it, and it will be 6 months or more before you have to replace the filter.

Now let's talk about the Water Dispenser Unit. First off, it looks very nice. It is classy looking and will go great in many different kitchen styles. It comes with hot, cold and warm dispensing options. 

I drink TEA all the time! And I love having the hot water available to me 24/7 at my command. I like the cold water feature as well, because anytime except winter I like to drink cold water. It is either hot tea or water for me to drink.

I will probably be the only one to say that having this won't make me drink more water. Because I drink water like crazy. I just LOVE having it so much more easy to access, especially the hot water, like I mentioned above. Most people, however, will say how easy it is for them to drink more water, just because of availability. When you have water accessible, it gets used more. 

This is important for those who are looking for better health. One of the first things health gurus recommend is to drink more pure water!

It has a storage compartment at the bottom which I think is pretty neat in and of itself! You can store small items in it, including cups. 

And read below for a chance to win one of these units:

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You can find these dispensers on their website here

And you can find these on Amazon here:

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Here is my video review of this complete water filtration system, from the bottle to the dispensing unit:

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